Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Akeem Scott signs with Lappeenranta, back to Finland!

As hinted at yesterday, Akeem Scott has signed with a Finnish team and is headed back to the Koponen motherland.

Akeem will soon be joining Lappeenranta, a team that sells sweet t-shirts you can't buy and has a cool logo (of course) that reminds me of ice cream. Here's what Hippo had to say on the team:

Helll yeah. Lappeenranta, Finnish champions '05 and '06 and FIBA EuroChallenge participant 2007/08. Maryland swingman Landon Milbourne's dad Andre Foreman played with them in those championship years.

Good luck for Keem!

We caught up with Scott and he was nice enough to fill us in a little more on his new opportunity:

Q: What excites you about this opportunity?

what excites me the most is, knowing there is a chance for me to be a TWO TIME CHAMPION in THREE YEARS of being a pro. a lot of Americans come over to prove themselves by having great stats!! after being away from the game for some time, i know it is more Important be a CHAMPION, than to be a leader in certain Statistical categories !! the other thing that excites me is knowing another CITY in FINLAND, gets to know who AKEEM SCOTT is! every city i been to in FINLAND shows me much love and respect because the way I BATTLE for their city to be the best in FINLAND!! and i will do the same here!!

Q: What have you missed most about Finland?

what i miss most is the FANS!! 50percent of the fans in finland LOVE ME and the other 50 percent HATE me! but all 100 percent enjoy WATCHING ME!! i enjoy the good screams and the LOUD BOOOOOssss!!
THE LEAGUE is UP for GRABS, with so many big names back like COREY SMITH, RAY NIXON , the big THREE at PYRINTO and a FEW OTHERS, I think this season is in for a VERY LONG RIDE in Short amount of TIME!!

This is obviously big news in the DeceptivelyQuick Universe, and yes, the Akeem Scott Watch is back on. You can follow Keem directly via his twitter account: @keemscott.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010



Until then enjoy the first trailer for the DeceptivelyQuick/Akeem Scott major-motion picture.