Friday, December 14, 2007

Finland Can Groove

Is there a blog out there with more Finnish-related basketball oddness? Why would there be? We bother Tim Kisner for insider updates, and get official reports from embedded agent H.T.

Today is a good day, because H.T. has more documentation of the awesomeness that is pro basketball in Finland:

I can't say that the webpage for Finnish Korisliiga team Porvoon Tarmo is
built really well, but I must say that I love the banner. Three players in
the middle of the banner (Ville-Pertti Lind, Chris Hester, Nick DeWitz)
played in Tarmo last season, but the other three guys... well, let's
say that 1970s rocked. Take a look yourself:

And since we only have ten days left before Xmas, here's an early present
for you in form of another Finnish music video. If you don't like heavy
music, just get your earplugs or turn off the speakers; the video itself is


I think I may have finally found the motivation to make a real banner for this site.


Anonymous said...

Is that the Nick Dewitz that played for OSU several years ago?

Jack Brown said...

Thats right! I was happy H.T. clued me in that he is in fact playing pro-ball. If nothing else, you gotta love leagues outside the U.S. for the "Hey, its THAT GUY!" factor.

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