Friday, March 5, 2010

Keem Scott Watch: Citizenship, Woman Advice, Spider-Keem, Victory

Things are going well for Akeem Scott right now.

First, Keem was recently granted Jamaican citizenship. This is big since teams in Europe cap the amount of American players that can be on the roster. Akeem's Jamaican passport means that he can now play professionally in Europe without counting against the USA quota, making him more attractive for any team. It also opens to door to Akeem representing Jamaica as a nation. I vote for him to reunite the bobsled team.

Second, the man has been giving out his own brand of woman advice via his twitter. Warning: reading these to a significant other may result in some backlash. Especially is she's my significant other. (In other Akeem Scott twitter news, this is one of the funniest things I've ever read.)

Third, Scott had a strong 25 point performance in his team's recent victory. He even went Spider-Keem (or NASA ON THAT ASS depending on which Akeem Scott reference you prefer) on some unsuspecting Finnish guy who was just trying to mind his business:

Worth noting (to me) is that the player getting dunked on appears to have a DNP in the box score. A merciful mistake.


Sheed said...

Stellar! Sick dunk too.

Seth Johnston said...

I feel bad for all those kids.

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