Tuesday, September 9, 2008

DeceptivelyQuick to NY

No, not to cover the seemingly imminent Z-Bo trade (assist to Slam), although maybe I should. It is pretty amazing that someone will still trade for Zach Randolph given everything we know, right? But hey, you get 20ish and 10! And this is what else you get!*
Sounds great! See you Monday.

*Defense, passing, and winning not included.


Anonymous said...

In Zbo's defense, he does create match-up problems on the wing....for himself


Maybe its his nice crib? Didnt know he was jewish though, per the pool table.



Jack Brown said...

The rumor since that cribs episode has always been that Portland PD kept it on file because there was so much gang related stuff in there. Fucking Zach.

Anonymous said...