Sunday, September 28, 2008

Get to know your Training Camp Blazers...poetically

Ah, the life of an NBA training camp add-on. They are not rich. They are not famous. These men can reach out and touch the NBA dream, but are seldom allowed to grasp it. They cling to a sliver of hope while trying not to think about the odds. All one has to do is play better than he has ever played in his life, and pray that it is enough.

I usually spend a couple hours massaging google to discover who these men are. (What?) Then I discovered a better way. It is the same strategy used to avoid any work on poetry assignments back in school; the haiku.

In a humble homage to Russ Bengston's NBA haiku work, I present to you informational 5-7-5(ish) inspired by the lives of Jamaal Tatum, Luke Jackson, Shavlik Randolph, and Steven Hill.

Jamaal Tatum:
Keeping his dreadlocks
Wants to start a clothing line
Likes to pose shirtless

Luke Jackson:
Saw you in high school
Saw you destroy the Pac-10
The League? Not so much

Shavlik Randolph:
Thought you were foreign
Even when you were at Duke
Thanks, wikipedia

Steven Hill:
4 and 3 last year
But seven feet, two forty-five
I wish I were big


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