Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Robert Horry, we may thank you yet!

While checking out Truehoop at work today, it wasn't very surprising to see lots of outrage over the suspensions of Amare and Diaw. People are mad for a variety of reasons, but the basic undercurrent is that these suspensions just don't feel right. The biggest losers in the deal (um, after Phoenix) really could end up being fans of basketball, who might miss out on what has been a great series up to this point.

Then some ideas came to me, and since I can't openly blog at work (although I obviously manage to read blogs, I am deceptively hardworking), I wrote down some things on a post-it note:

Game 5 will begin shortly, and this new positive attitude has me even more interested in watching now. This suspension incident could ultimately just be another contributing element to a series for the ages. Amare and Diaw will be back for Game 6 (here's praying we get a 7!). I believe both teams in general are going to some how manage to play even harder than before as a result of this. I'm really hoping that Barbosa will look step up, we have yet to see some true Brasilian Blowuptuation in the playoffs. This incident could simply be marking a rivalry heading to a legendary level.

So please hoops fans, just remember not to bag on Horry or the League too hard. You may be thanking them in the long run.

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