Monday, May 7, 2007

Deceptively Responsible:

Since the playoffs are in full swing, I figured now is a good time for a mostly unrelated post. While wasting away in a cubicle today, I thought up some summer goals for Deceptively Quick:

BREAKING NEWS! As of May 8th, (a day after this original post) Deceptively Quick has moved up to #6! They can't stop us now!

  • Come up with some sort of banner/graphic/logo/thing to replace that horribly boring thing up there.

  • Do an actual interview. Hopefully in the coming weeks this can happen, there's currently somebody playing for a small professional team in town who the world knows about, and who we all need to know more about.

  • Increase my efforts on the Trade Zach Campaign.

  • Finally promulgate the details of my anti-Blaze the Trailcat stance. Did you know it has an email address?

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