Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lottery! I'm a LaFan! Fred Hickman! Kenny!

That heartbreaker in L.A., then the blowout in Portland. The Oregonian was gloom and doom the next day (what? seriously? SHOCKING!!!). Blazer fans as a whole seem to be down a little bit as a result of the recent losing. After getting over the initial sick feelings of seeing Portland blown out by the Sonics, at home, with Ray Allen playing a bad game, I'm actually happy. Everyone wants Portland to make the playoffs. Why? So we can get our heads beat in during the first round? Don't give me the "learning experience" of losing in the playoffs speech. I want one more year of lottery. Give me a shot. Give me a legit, NBA ready 3 if you can. Give me one more piece. Thaddeus Young? Sure. An outside chance at Oden or Durant? Yes please! Jianlian? Umm, maybe.

Put it this way, what sounds better: Getting swept and dominated by Dallas, thereby gaining this "great experience" I've been hearing about...Or one of the top 14 players of this year's allegedly stocked draft? Let's think playoffs in a year or two, and let the competent Blazers draft system try to snag another top gem.

I'm not sure if anyone will talk about it, but Raef called out Darius Miles in the Oregonian the other day. Well sort of. In my mind, for sure. Raef is talking about the being injured/wouldn't be playing even if he wasn't injured situation, and talks about how other guys in the league would just sit around and pick up their check. Actually, he adds "guys on this team." It reminded me of how Darius has dropped from our collective Blazer consciousness. We gave up caring enough to hope a while ago, this is evidence that we gave up caring enough to hate. Ouch.

Raef Article

Here's a cool article about Kenny Smith, my favorite NBA analyst of all-time. He's one of the few that consistently brings insight. I really miss his back page SLAM articles.

Kenny Smith

Fred Hickman's glasses are out of control. I think I could write a 9 million word blog about this. In fact, I could start a blog called I couldn't find a picture through my research that does it justice (I typed "fred hickman" into google image search), but if you've ever seen anything involving him on ESPN you know what I'm talking about. Then I wanted to know more about the man behind the nearly novelty glasses, so I checked him out on wikipedia, in a mostly heterosexual way. Here's an interesting passage:

"Hickman actually went bald on an episode of SportsCenter on September 21, 2006."

Ummmm, It's official, let the curiosity continue.....

Fred Hickman on Wikipedia

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