Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I didn't mean for it to be this way...

This blog is quickly becoming a strictly trade Zach promotion. This isn't so bad, I just thought I had more things on my mind. You can't blame me, because how the Blazers handle Zach is currently the most important factor that will decide the future of the franchise. If they move him, and oh my god they should move him, what will they get in return? Go for some vets? Go for more youth? Just clear as much cap as possible? As of this moment I'm leaning on that third option. Give this young core at least a whole Randolph-free year, let them grow and develop more. Then hopefully the picture will be a little more clear as to what the Blazers really need to be back amongst the elite teams. Then wait for the right pieces to come along and deploy the cap space.

Good news, I'm not crazy. Dwight Jaynes from the Portland Tribune also noted how so many Blazer fans inexplicably continue to have Zach's back....If you have time, read some of the comments, people really don't like Dwight right now. How dare he report such things about Z-Bo! Let me get on my soapbox so these fans can hear me, the game isn't all about numbers stupid! Zach's inability to defend and play team-ball on either end are monumental issues on the court. He doesn't fit the style of the younger players because he's slow and can't get up and down with them, not to mention previously mentioned team-offense issues (as in he can't be involved in a motion offense, and can't consistently pass out of double teams, watch a game and note how when Zach gets the rock all the pinwheels stop-this crushes the rhythm of those other 4 guys). Off the court, well, do I really have to go there? I'm spent.

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