Sunday, November 25, 2007

Blazer Player Breakdown: Brandon Roy

Back with another player breakdown (Aldridge, Webster, and Green have been presented here), fresh from the DeceptivelyQuick Research Department. There was all sorts of science behind this, beakers, tubes and chalkboards with lots of odd looking math on them. All in an effort to better understand our Portland Trailblazers. Today we have Brandon Roy:

Like Wade, Roy transcends his commendable box score quantified value. They both are providers and facilitators for their teams, fillers of the traditional Daddy role. Both remind us of this most in the fourth quarter of a close game. What Wade has on Roy, and most everyone else, is a sort of athleticism not often achievable by humans. This isn't a knock on Roy, who is definitely athletic even by NBA standards. But while Wade will usually explode around and over all in his path, Roy has to take a more strategic approach. Both are effective. Perhaps because of this need, Roy has developed into a deep threat. As of this posting Roy is shooting .486 from 3. In NBA rank, this sandwiches him between specialists Kapono (.487) and Stojakovic (.472).


brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! said...

Thats a good equation, the folks at deceptivelyquick research lab got it right. Comparable stats for their rookie seasons, who saw this 3 point barrage of Roys coming? I sure didnt, solid j at UW but not lethal as Mr Stojakovic (early season canidate for comeback player? ok maybe wishful thinking).....I greatly anticipate your analysis of the Vanilla Gorilla. do the damn thing.

Jack Brown said...

Oh I wanted to do a Vanilla Gorilla post, but after the way he played last night I would probably compare him to Jesus. I gotta wait til that gets out of my system. Plus we all know Pau Gasol is already "White Jesus."