Monday, April 28, 2008

DeceptivelyQuick will welcome our Asian Overlords

Not too long ago, China got interested in basketball. Soon after, we saw an endearing 7'1 small-forward by the name of Wang Zhizhi hang around in the NBA for a while. What a cute and harmless little example of globalization, arrogant Americans thought. Wrong.

After the 7'1 SF, we saw a sliiiiightly better 7'6 Center. Then a 7'0 SF that can play. I don't want to freak you out too much, but China has a 6'9 guy on the way that can play pointguard. It really is only a matter of time before the Chinese Olympic team consists only of players over nine feet tall (the center will be 15 feet tall). Trust me, they have 1.3 billion people and those intense baby athlete training programs like in the movies. They will do it.

And China's ambition must be inspiring other Asian Countries. Observe this footage I stumbled across at the NYTimes (yep). We see Japan once again using some ingenuity to outdue the Americans, this time it isn't about car production, its about basketball.


gudmund said...

Sun Yue looking good ... Too bad their wasn't a dunk in that highlight. If I'm fielding a 6-9 point guard, I want some major dunking.

Speaking of large-and-in-charge Chinamen, did you know Yao's wife is a 6-2 Chinese basketball player as well? Can you imagine their spawn?!!!

Not to mention with all their secretive exploits, I'm sure the Chinese have this cloning thing down pat by now. The NBA might just be ruled by Chinese superhumans in the next 20 years ...

Jack Brown said...

Agreed. Its over for the rest of the world.

pcsolotto said...

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