Sunday, April 13, 2008

It has been feeling sort of revolutiony around here

No doubt Nate McMillan has been a major factor in this better than expected season. His values and beliefs on things like hard work, discipline, and defense have permeated the team-culture and the results have been impressive. We know this.

What we don't know is what celebrity he most closely resembles. (Awesome segway) So we at the DeceptivelyQuick Institutional Center for Knowledge (also known as DIC...never mind) took on the challenge of finding Nate's celebrity look-a-like by utilizing cutting edge, validated technology*. Without further delay, here are the results:

Obviously, Nate is a dead ringer for Che Guevara. Yet the similarites don't stop there.

Nate was hired in 2005. (They gave away free hotdogs at the press conference, it was awesome) His first tour of Blazerland included a bad team (21 wins), some legal issues (21 convictions), and a smattering of organizational issues (21 front office douches). It was upon observation of this and the resulting Blazer fan suffering that Nate had an epiphany. Drastic action was needed. Che had a similar yet slightly more intense experience and started a revolucion. The Blazer revolucion is unfolding before our very eyes. Viva Nate.

*I first applied the comparison to pictures of myself. The first time I got a random Asian guy I didn't know. The second picture came up with Penelope Cruz. I'm a white guy. In layperson terms, the thing works.

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