Thursday, June 26, 2008

2008 NBA Draft Night: Liveblogging would interfere too much with drinking

Finally. I am a draft fanatic, and finally the time has come. I'm blogging this in a library about 10 minutes away from the dive where I will be watching it all go down. From my seat, about 60% of monitors are currently watching highlights of various soon to be NBA players. I love the draft so much, I love the second round more than the first. I love the draft so much, I may get busted for "inappropriate" use of library internet. That was a masturbation joke. I could have structured it in a funnier way, but I have to get down to my bar stool and get this started. You get the point. This is my Christmas.

Also, check out DeceptivelyQuick's little stain over at the otherwise excellent What Would Oakley Do?


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