Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Get Money: Blazers buy pick 27

Next year KP might just skip all the drama and have Paul Allen buy every pick in the draft. So far this time around, the Blazers have bought pick #27 from the Hornets. Last year Portland bought Rudy Fernandez from comparatively broke Phoenix, the year before it was Sergio Rodriguez.

Hide the money y'all, there's poor people 'round!

Paul Allen was not quoted as saying.

I never have felt at ease with the fact that teams can literally buy draft spots. Then again, Paul Allen has all the money. This means the Blazers will benefit from this more than other teams, so maybe I should shut up. It is all your teams' fault for not having a super rich owner. Maybe your owner/s should work a little harder so your team doesn't fall in love with selling draft spots for cash. Yes, this thinking is working for me. Now I feel better.

At first glance it seems like KP is amassing even more resources to pull off a trade or seven. Seems likely, but don't be so sure. KP is water like Bruce Lee and I imagine there are some players at 27 the Blazers are interested in. There are still a lot of possibilities in the air. Go get a Big Gulp and some Doritos and chain yourself to ESPNews/Blogfrica, it is time to enjoy another KP draft.