Saturday, June 7, 2008

Terry Porter got the Suns job? Rudy is coming? Someone should blog about that...

I have no business blogging right now. Seriously. I'm in a cave somewhere frantically pounding my keyboard with bloody stubs that used to be fingers, gasping for one last wave of vigor as I dig my way through a sea of inconveniently close deadlines.

Apparently I don't control the timing of many things in life. This includes juicy Blazer developments that are just begging to be tossed around in this desolate space.

For example, Terry Porter getting the Suns coaching job. Wow. Really. You know we wish him well.

And then Rudy making it official that he will be coming over. That isn't especially surprising, but an eerily familiar pattern seems to be emerging here. Remember when the tornado of Sergio hype touched down in the Portland area? That was a ride.

Rudy is better prepared and in a better position to succeed than Sergio was/is, but I have really been hoping local media folks would wait at least two seconds before giving the guy an insane amount of hype. I took the picture below of the front page of the Oregonian today while on my morning Poptarts run. Sheesh people:


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you out of the cave for a little sunshine Jack. I love the Terry Porter hiring and wish him the best, he is one of my all time favorite Blazers. I'm not sure on the Rudy thing. If the hype is to be believed, all right.

Jack Brown said...

I get the sense Terry Porter is in a situation that is doomed in the basketball sense, hopefully more on that later.

Anonymous said...