Wednesday, July 9, 2008

James Jones signs with Miami

What with his injury riddled season and all, we weren't sure James Jones would get the type of security he was seeking by opting out. You have probably heard by now he signed with Miami for five years and around four million annually. Good to see him get a pretty long term deal, sad to see last seasons NMVP go.

Jones has to be pretty happy with this deal. More and more we get the sense he saw the writing on the wall and knew Portland would prefer to give his minutes to younger players, no matter how much he helped the team.

Team wise, Miami could use Jones. His shooting will punish a lot of opponents for leaving him to double Wade. With additional players like Beasley and Marion, Jones is sure to get his share of open looks. If he is anything close to what he was in Portland, the Heat made a very good move signing him.

Jones is also from Miami, even playing there in college. His return home is marked by long-term financial security and the ability to fill an important need for the home team. Good move Mr. Jones.


Tyler Hinds said...

Good move for Jones - bad move for the Heat. If Jones plays over 60 games in either of the next two seasons I'll be surprised. They should have just re-signed Kapono last summer.

Jack Brown said...

I hope you are being sarcastic and aren't one of those that base all your beliefs on your most recent impressions. Jones is NOT injury prone. He played 58 games with his injury last year. Before that he never played less than 75 games, excluding his rookie season where he rode the pine as a second round draft pick. Giving a guy that has one injury in a career the "injury prone" label just because you're too lazy to look passed what you've seen makes me sad.