Thursday, July 3, 2008

Darius Miles won't let you forget

Mr. Miles has presented us with another opportunity to give thanks that he has been extricated from Rip City: A 10 game drug suspension should he find NBA employment.

I was hoping to retire from Darius Miles jokes, but I can see he will not make such actions easy (the Darius Miles tag is entertaining). Everyone please start praying he ends up on the same Euro team as Qyntel Woods. That would be awesome.

Local fans and media will likely use this as another opportunity to throw some acid in the man's general direction. I maintain that anyone who tolerates douchey teens to the degree seen in the below video and doesn't punch somebody in the face is a better person than many:


gudmund said...

Apparently the Celtics just worked Darius out, and he impressed. But they worked out a bunch of guys, so it probably amounts to nothing.

Shelisa said...
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Jack Brown said...