Monday, July 28, 2008

Petteri Koponen virus spreads to THE WIZZNUTZZ

If there is another American "basketblog" (har-dee har har!) that is as Finn-Friendly as DeceptivelyQuick it is none other than THE WIZZNUTZZ. They have that Finnish Intern Jaarko, although I hear he is ridiculed in the lunchroom as an affirmative action hire. Anyways, it looks like they have taken a liking to our man Petteri Koponen. Although it seems unlikely that he will join the Blazers anytime soon, immediate internet sensation status is not out of the question. Enjoy the love:

Kid Nokia played great in the Vegas Summer league, which they called in Finland MOOMINSUMMER MADNESS. Kid Nokia's first summerleague game had a TV rating in Finland of 98.7!!!!!! Thats almost the whole country watching including TVs in prisons and madhouses! Jaarko has been so busy doing the talk circuit - hes been on all the biggest shows, like "Cold Mämmi" and "Aito Sports w/ Topi Köstas" which caused a big stir on the internet when Jaarko was ambushed by Grööp Gropinggar, the bestselling author of "Tuesdays with Magnus"!!!! Grööp erupted and lost his mind!!!

The Wizz have a history of creating nicknames that stick, and they have some for Koponen that are worth looking at with your eyes. Yes, I'm a little threatened. No, this doesn't change my continued failing efforts towards popularizing The Finnagler.

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