Wednesday, April 18, 2007

On the last night of the season, I stumble across some old gold

I was walking down the street and saw some cool looking graffiti, cool enough to take a picture of with my phone and make my new wallpaper. The occasional trip through my stored images file is always entertaining (to me). I came across a picture of the first smart car I saw driving around Portland, a shot that was the front page of the Oregonian sports section that includes Ime Udoka grabbing Mike Miller's groin (and Mike making a hilarious face of anguish), some shoes I saw, and then......

Oh man. Drink it in.

This picture was taken 11/25/06. Something big must have been on my mind to forget about this and not share it. The ball was in a bucket, which was also for sale (but NOT included with purchase of Dunleavy memorabilia). I must also add that this little bit of comedy was found in the second hand section of a small mom & pop style general store in a town that has less people than Johan Petro has points in his career.

By the way, it was a BRAND NEW leather Spalding basketball, seen here retailing for 39.99. I know the fans were rough on Mikey out in the Bay, I know he hasn't really lived up the the #3 pick and huge contract, but to decrease the value of a ball 75%? Ouch.

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