Saturday, April 21, 2007

Playoff hype, what about Boom Dizl?

The playoffs will be here in the morning for us Westcoasters, and I can't wait. Today has been a day where I got to read everyone's playoff predictions and what they are really excited to see.

For the record, I can't wait to see New Jersey vs. Toronto either. Toronto has become the darlings of the post-regular season/pre-post season gap, and with good reason. I'm also on board with the Utah vs. Houston excitement. Actually, I'm excited about everything.

I'm just wondering why nobody is putting any noise behind a very Baron playoffs. I've heard plenty about how interesting the Mavs vs. Warriors is: the Mav's haven't beat the Warriors yet this season, the Don Nelson thing, Warriors peaking.

What about Boom Dizl? I can't shake his 2002 playoff performance out of my thoughts. That was the year he carried his team (averaging 22 8 and 8), before losing a crucial game due to the ref incorrectly waiving off a sweet buzzer beater.

Baron isn't a big fan of keeping in shape during the offseason, and he's hurt all time (the former definitely isn't helping the latter, I wonder if he gets the connection). But when he's locked in, he's shown he can take it to a level very few others can.

Does he still have it like that? He's had a great season, but that playoff performance was greatness, rather or not his critics want to give him that kind of credit. With that Baron Davis on your team, you can beat anybody in the playoffs.

Dallas is a juggernaut on a mission, watching them play reminds me of the last levels of Mario 3. You have to run across that big ship and all these cannons and bad guys are coming at you from all angles. It's overwhelming, you feel helpless.

Unless you got a P-Wing:

The new tat signifies Mr. Dizl is ready to continue his playoff dominance.

I realize how nerdy I am. And how pointless this post was. But seriously, Baron can be that good. I wouldn't be as surprised as everybody else if the Warriors pulled this off.


Anonymous said...

Actually the Hornets won that game that the buzzer beater was waved off in OT. And the series. Good call on BD going off in the playoffs, but as a Hornet fan I've been calling this for years!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that it is Boom Dizzle

Jack Brown said...

Ahhh! I guess thats what I get for relying totally on my memory for these things. Thanks for the correction. The fact that nobody else has said anything might speak to the lack of a Hornets fan prescence in the NBA blogscape, you should do it!