Thursday, April 19, 2007

Follow up to Dunleavy Humor of the previous post...

When I read my blog (I am by far my most loyal reader) regarding Mr. Mike Dunleavy's ability to decrease the value of a basketball by autographing it, I realized I made reference to another picture on my phone of Ime Udoka handling Mike Miller. I thought I'd follow up and post it:

There's so many more penis grabbing jokes to be made here. I'll leave coming up with the rest of them up to you, since I don't want to develop carpal tunnel. Both the facial expressions are funny, Ime like he can't bare to do it, as if he is ashamed/disgusted but has been pressured into it. Mike's face as if, well, he's getting his reproductive organs grabbed by Ime Udoka.

Thats it!


Anonymous said...

sick and perverted

Jack Brown said...