Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spoken Word with Jack Brown...

I bet you couldn't tell if you've ever read my blog, or met me, but I'm quite an accomplished poet. My style of choice? The Haiku.

As far back as I can remember receiving poetry assignments in school it has been so. This is an amazing world we live in where a format coalesced by great Japanese poets to describe the beauty of the natural world spans the globe to become the lazy American student's best ally when it comes to getting out of work.

I'm not sure when I had to write my first poem, but I remember I got some Haiku's about Shaq in some school poetry publication at some point. This came flooding back to me because my 3rd grade teacher found a haiku I wrote in her class (possibly my first of a long line of haikus, probably until 12th grade). Its about Kevin Johnson, take a look:

Another random memory from this poem, the nickname reference is to "Mr. Goody Two-Shoes"(sp?). I very distinctly recall hearing him called that in commercials and being very confused.

Remember that commercial where he was running around the sun and some women were singing about him? AWESOME.

Big ups to KJ, I wrote him a letter (probably one of the first letters I wrote) and he replied back with his actual autograph on a little picture of him. I immediately put it on my wall where it remained for years. Thanks Mr. Goody Two Shoes.