Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blazers not exactly in danger of picking up disgusting twittering habits

In the right hands, twittering can produce priceless internet gold. But I think we can all agree that in general, it is a terrible terrible thing that is hopefully just a fad. Twitter has even gotten NBA players yelled at by tiny men who take pick-up games much too seriously

No need to worry, know that your Portland Trailblazers are safe from sharing this horrible fate. Most of the team hasn't even heard of the zany internet thing. Channing Frye, who is by far the Blazer most likely to tweet, thinks it's "just too much." Awesome.

The best quote on the topic comes from the venerable Joel Przybilla, "Pffff. I didn't even know about it until the other day and I don't really care. I think it's kinda stupid."

And just in case you were wondering, this is what comes up on youtube when you search for Pffff:

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