Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Coach Nate loves Jay Z, is totally down with the kids

From the other Quick:
"The emergence of Oden is getting the Blazers close to completing the diamond that coach Nate McMillan likes to make with his hands when talking about this team. McMillan puts his forefingers and thumbs together to symbolize the connection between Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge, Oden, and himself."
I imagine its just a coincidence (Nate seems incapable of pandering), but that would be hilarious if this is Nate's way of showing he can be down with the players. It makes me want to picture him awkwardly pulling out all kinds of outdated pop rap references, "Nice shot Blake, now thats gettin jiggy with it!" All you need is the R-O-C baby.


KneeJerkNBA said...

If there's one player in the league who absolutely does NOT get jiggy with anything, it's Blake. He looks like a substitute science teacher.

Seth Johnston said...

But thats Will Smith's key demographic!