Monday, November 30, 2009

Akeem Scott Update + Tell me what to obsess over

I suppose I should mention that Akeem Scott, or "Scott Akeem" as one site has it, won again. He wasn't in the starting lineup this time but still produced with 11 points, 5 boards, 2 assists, 2 steals, and the second highest efficiency rating on the team. His three week tryout with Ventspils looks to be going well and of course all of DeceptivelyQuick is rooting for him.

The thing is, with all my BustaBucketery Akeem Scott is more or less all that DeceptivelyQuick has at the moment. He is probably our favorite, but outside of some quality tweets Akeem is rightly focused mostly on earning a permanent spot with his new team, not entertaining us. That means things have been pretty quiet around here.

DeceptivelyQuick deserves better. A fair amount of people still stop by on a daily basis. And I will undoubtedly return to this space full-time when Bust a Bucket gets fed up and cuts me loose. I would like to keep things alive and kicking until that time.

Tell me, genius reader, what is something that DeceptivelyQuick can obsess over? There are only two requirements:

1) It has to at least sort of be basketball related
2) It can absolutely not be already receiving attention from mainstream United Statesian media

Maybe you want to write here. Maybe you just want to point something out that would work here. I'm not sure. I just know that right now nothing is setting off my DeceptivelyQuickdar and I'm feeling far too lazy to go out and find something on my own. Help. Drop it in the comments, send an e-mail, or just twitter all over me. Whichever makes you feel more loved.


Seth Johnston said...

Duh! I could be updating you on JR Rider's comeback with the team with the possibly racist mascot. That is something.

Anonymous said...

Sun Yue?

Seth Johnston said...

Sun Yue and JR Rider. I like this.

Anonymous said...

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