Saturday, December 5, 2009

Akeem Scott Watch: Services of People's Champ available

With all this coverage we should at least add Akeem Scott to our exclusive Jpeg Banner Logo of Honor.

With a loss and an off shooting night Scott's three week try out with Latvian team Ventspils has come to an end. According to Akeem's Facebook status they are opting not to sign the DeceptivelyQuick mega-star for the rest of the season. Scott had some good games, especially considering that he was thrown onto a team that had already begun their season, but ultimately Ventspils didn't see much improvement in terms of wins and losses. Don't be too upset for Akeem, he got an opportunity to show that he can be a valuable player outside of Finland and has a good shot at joining a team in need of some scoring and swagger.

I am sort of bummed because this means that Ventspils is now dead to me. I enjoyed their logo very much and was hoping for more opportunities to use it. Sad.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Akeem is back in Finland as he was signed by middle-of-the-table team Lappeenranta.

`Keem is replacing guard Matt Gibson who suffered a seoson-ending injury on his arm/shoulder