Thursday, December 10, 2009

What this really does is open the door for the DeceptivelyQuick film

Who Shot Mamba? - CH 5 from Lasterday Films on Vimeo.

I got word of this from TrueHoop of course.

This is monumental. It paves the way for all basketball-blogs that have been trying to become films. Fifteen years ago I completed the DeceptivelyQuick screenplay, but found myself shut out of a film industry that is both anti-blog and anti-Finland. Things have changed, at least on the anti-blog thing.

It is now entirely possible that you will see DeceptivelyQuick: The Film, on the big screen. (Assuming that you call your monitor "the big screen.") The premise should be obvious: Akeem Scott wanders a post-apocalyptic Finland, where the only way to survive is to defeat a never ending slew of opponents in 1 on 1 basketball games to 15...and THE DEATH. (Big Akeem Scott news coming soon, by the way.)

To the movie people: the good news is that I am still listening to offers. Let's do lunch.