Monday, December 28, 2009

More proof that all newspaper sportswriters are better than all bloggers

Would you like to enjoy some excerpts from Mark Heisler's NBA Decade Awards? This could have all been a joke by Mr. Heisler. That is highly doubtful, but I mean, it could be the case. If this was all some satirical representation of a ridiculously off-target newspaper sportswriter, kudos. Now then:
Best moment: Robert Horry's winning 3-pointer at the buzzer in Game 4, the high point of the incredible 2002 Lakers-Kings Western Conference finals.

With the Kings leading the series 2-1 and the game 99-97, and with nine players jumping on each other pursuing a rebound of O'Neal's miss as time ran out, Vlade Divac batted the ball out -- right to Horry, spotted up on the arc, as if waiting for destiny to anoint him.

The rest was history.
Um, Mr. Heisler, that series is known for something else you failed to mention. Tim Donaghy, who somehow is not mentioned in your recap of the most memorable NBA moments of the last decade, uses the 2002 Lakers-Kings series as Exhibit A in his "The NBA is crooked anyways, who cares if I gambled, I have an addiction" angle. Donaghy aside, that series had terrible officiating to the degree that Ralph Nader wrote a letter of complaint to David Stern. He even quoted legit-media member Michael Wilbon. Incredible!

But wait, there is actually more:
Second best moment -- Dwyane Wade weaving through all five Dallas Mavericks, getting the call and making the free throws that gave Miami a 100-99 overtime win in the pivotal Game 5 of the 2006 Finals, perhaps the greatest move in NBA history that didn't lead to a basket.
That exact play generated enough outrage that TrueHoop did a five-part series to cover the fallout. That exact play launched discussion on how crappy NBA officiating is and changes that should be made. That exact play.

The controversy that both of these events triggered is somehow not mentioned in the article. All this time I thought Heisler stuck to hacky-Oden/Bowie articles and spelling Joel Przybilla's name wrong because he didn't care enough to really follow the Blazers. Turns out he's been ignoring the entire NBA.


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Seth Johnston said...

My thoughts exactly.

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