Monday, November 9, 2009

How long before Rudy Fernandez is run out of town?

Rudy's latest hinting at his potential to earn a malcontent label:

“Right now, I don’t know my situation in the team,’ said Fernandez, who dealt with back spasms during training camp and missed four preseason games. ‘Blake play in the 2 (guard) position. For sure (that) is one more player in that position. Right now, I’m focusing in my work and taking (care of) my back. And when I’m on the court, play hard to help my teammates.’

We've heard the sniffles of dissatisfaction before. Part of me wants to think that once Portland takes care of their log-jam situation Rudy will be happy. The more we hear from Fernandez though, the more I wonder if making room for him to have a larger role would even be worth it in the long term. He will never be a top three guy on this team, can he be happy with that? I get the sense that the answer is no. Is Rudy the type of guy that would rather be a star on a bad team than a complementary player on a great team? If that answer is yes, Portland should be looking to move him while his value is somewhat high.

And when do the fans turn on him? If Rudy keeps talking we have the potential to witness one of the biggest swings from total euphoric fan support to get-him-the-hell-out-of-here-now in Blazers history.


Joseph said...

Rudy's still recovering from his back pain and the entire team has been feeling their way around each other for these first several games. Rudy had a hell of a game last night with the exception that he doesn't look comfortable with his shot yet, which will come with time and he'll get his minutes back when it does.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Seth Johnston said...

I feel like he's giving us hints that he has a predisposition for the Disease of More. If Portland goes on to be some dynastyish team, I have a hard time seeing Rudy stick around for more than one title before taking more money from a crappier team.

Anonymous said...