Monday, October 26, 2009

Batum Out. This season sucks already.

Get ready for a whole bunch more Travis Outlaw jump shots. As you know by know, Nicolas Batum will be out for a while due to an uncooperative shoulder.

Batum was rapidly becoming my favorite non-Roy Blazer. He was coming off a run with the French National Team that had taken his confidence to a new level. Batum's rapid development was going to be one of the most interesting things to watch this season.

Don't act like this doesn't suck. Outlaw and Webster are substitutes? Please. If they were that capable Portland wouldn't have bothered getting Batum in the first place.


KneeJerkNBA said...

I was excited about Nic's potential this year, too. Hopefully he gets back before too long. We need his D.

grigs said...

I don't disagree that losing Batum sucks, but you've got an extreme bit of revisionist history going on when you say that if Webster and Outlaw "were that capable Portland wouldn't have bothered getting Batum in the first place."

No one expected Batum to contribute at all last year. They didn't get Batum because they thought Outlaw and Webster weren't capable. They got Batum because he was talented and had potential.

By your logic, the Blazers drafted Rudy at the 2-spot because Roy wasn't capable. Or Pendegraph because Aldridge wasn't capable.

Do I personally think Webster or Outlaw is capable? Outlaw, no. Webster, I'm not sure. Probably not, but we never got to see him after Pritchard said he thought Webster was going to break out. I'm interested to see how he does.

So yeah, it sucks. It absolutely sucks. But no need to change history to make it worse than it is.

Seth Johnston said...

I'm pretty sure the only way to change history involves driving a Delorean 88 miles per hour.

(Mentioning that number just made me sad all over again. Sniff.)

I'm grieving here grigs, give me some space.

grigs said...

88. nice. classic.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

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