Monday, October 26, 2009

Ron Artest's latest: Afghan Women

The jokes are easy. I'm sure we'll see plenty. But this latest video from Artest is a little more than that. The man is trying to make a positive difference in the World, albeit in his unique way. Honestly, its hard for me to clown a guy thats more active in that department than I am.

On and off the court Artest has often seemed like that puzzle piece that doesn't quite fit like it should. Not necessarily in a sad way. Its more like if that jigsaw piece realized it didn't fit, said fuck it, and kept it moving. (Can puzzle pieces keep it moving? I'm bad at metaphors.) Following that idea I can't help but find Artest empowering.

I'm sure I'll still laugh at some of Artest's actions. (Update: Yep.) Thats expected. But this video, more than anything else curiously enough, has me feeling like I understand him a little better. I'm done writing him off as nothing more than crazy sideshow entertainment.

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