Sunday, October 4, 2009

Zach Randolph Watch: 18 pounds and HALF THE FAT! Edition

Sometime in the near future I will be eagerly typing up another snarky Zach Randolph entry then suddenly be interrupted by a sad realization. My bitterness towards Z-Bo has become so ingrained in my identity that I just can't let it go. The Blazers have a beautiful team now, loaded with potential and poised to return Portland to an elite level. And here I am writing about Zach Randolph. That will be a truly sad day.

But until then, enjoy another Zach is finally in shape! article. Ha!

While I didn’t see Zach Randolph play but a couple of times last year, he too looked trimmer than I remembered. Pranica notes that Zach has dropped 18 pounds and about half his former bodyfat. Grizz trainers say that both Randolph and Gasol look as if they won’t be as strong, but that’s misleading. Both added muscle mass while dropping bodyfat.
Eighteen pounds? Half his former bodyfat? Even by Zach Randolph standards this is getting a bit out of control. We patiently await the Zach has finally matured! article. (So far we only have a Zach might have matured! article.) Don't let us down Memphis.


KneeJerkNBA said...

So after reading your article, I wrote a post about Zach Randolph Syndrome- the ability to be a top 50 scorer in the league and still be a terrible basketball player. Others with the affliction included Ricky Davis, Nate Robinson, Ben Gordon and Andrea Bargnani.

I ended up deleting the post because I felt it was too negative. Weird, huh?

Seth Johnston said...

Zach may be the All-Time greatest when it comes to putting up great stats while hurting his team. Or maybe Starbury? A list must be compiled.

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