Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Blazers vs Dallas and a Merciful Reprieve

Well, that was fun. As has been well documented, Portland tends to be pretty bad without NMVP James Jones, and remember he's out 3-5 weeks. Plenty of time for the team to figure out how to win without him, or for the wheels to fall off completely.

The good thing about the beating from Dallas is that it means we have mercifully reached the end of all this losing. Well, not the end. More like a much needed dunk-contest filled break until the losing resumes on the nineteenth. I'll take it.

If you want a fun distraction, be sure to get on board with the Hillsboro Flying Tostadas. I hear good things.


agreetodisagree said...

can only imagine what if greg oden was healthy

Jack Brown said...

Good point, Greg Oden Greg Oden Greg Oden. I gotta keep in mind these beatings are temporary. The thing about this season is that all that amazing winning has made the losing harder to swallow. Pesky raised expectations.

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