Thursday, February 21, 2008

Taurean Green: I Will Always Remember How I Wanted To Love You


First of all, I have nothing against Von Wafer. He can theoretically help fill in for James Jones (I'll take KP's word on that). He's young and athletic. I like him on this team.

Taurean Green never got his chance with Portland, but he got considerable burn on this blog. Let the record show, I'm convinced he'll be a good NBA player. I'll miss him. Allow me to rant about why.

Of course, we'll start with the two NCAA Championships. The guy is a winner. He's tough, can run a team, can defend, and is smart. But he's kinda small, and the NBA wasn't impressed.

So Green went to Orlando and destroyed the pre-draft camp. Still no love, he fell to Portland in the second round. Flash forward to summer league. If you didn't know how good Sergio was supposed to be, you would swear Green was Portland's best pointguard on that team. That is when he wasn't being forced to play shooting guard.

Flash forward to training camp. Nates says the pointguard minutes are up for grabs. Taurean Green again shines, and Nate tells the media Green will win some games for the team, and that his performance in training camp has pushed Sergio out of the rotation.

Flash forward to the regular season. Green is not playing. Blazers send him down to the D-League. He dominates. He gets called back to the team. He sits. He gets traded.

A guy who has impressed at every opportunity has a good shot at making it. Hopefully he'll get a better break in Denver. Keep your eyes open.


Anonymous said...

I really thought that Taurean didn't get the opportunity to show what he could do, maybe the inconsistent Sergio should've been traded?

Jack Brown said...

A lot of those still in Sergio's tornado will freak out at that suggestion. Maybe Segio has a higher ceiling. But in summer league and training camp Green flat outplayed the guy. He should've at least got a chance.

Luke said...

It's like my friend Colby said last night as we watched the Sonics tear into us: "All I keep thinking is that we traded a color for a candy bar." Too right.

Spotchester said...

Blake and JJ aren't exactly All-World PG's either...

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