Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The TrueHoop Bump

When Henry Abbot is desperate to fill out his daily bullets over at TrueHoop, DeceptivelyQuick links that I bombard the guy with will show up on occasion. This site gets linked to by others every now and again these days, but its still fun stuff to see this obscureness grace other more high-traffic screens. I thought I'd share the effects:

Yeah, last Friday the 3 second video of Greg Oden's Frohawk was interesting enough for thousands to check out the link in the daily bullets. I'm no mathemagician, but going from 79 unique visitors to 2,468 is like a 100% increase at least. Thanks to Henry for the support, and to those of you who like it here even when it isn't cool.


Luke said...

when i saw hank's link to DQuick i was like, "ooooeeee, there go the game."

Jack Brown said...

I think you just came up with an awesome tagline for the blog.

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