Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Impending DOOM

A couple days ago I joked that Brad Miller and Hedo Turkoglu being named players of the week was a sign of the apocalypse. Hardee-har-har.

Now this is happening. Wow. Suffice to say, I'm heading to Costco to stock up on bottled water and Wal Mart to stock up on ammunition. Anyone know how to build a bunker?


Anonymous said...

I can't see how this trade works for PHX, and every columnist I've read agrees with that. Could this be a counter-punch to Gasol in LA? Or maybe Steve Kerr say the Brad Miller/Hedo Turkgolu signs for the end, and knowing he too cannot build a bunker, decided to bring in Shaq to double as a bunker? In any event, dont forget the twinkies, everyone knows twinkies and cockroaches are nuclear resistent organisims.


Jack Brown said...

And its all coming together.

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