Thursday, February 21, 2008

Greg Oden: Frohawk Supporter

I saw this during the game against Seattle and immediately scrambled to capture some video evidence. I swear to you this grainy glimpse is indeed a Greg Oden frohawk. Guitar Hero and rehab are officially no longer enough to keep this man occupied, he's moved on to hair experimentation:

Of course, this could just be a sign of Greg becoming more indie-Portland. In case you don't know, this city leads the nation in white people with dreadlocks and hipster mullets per capita. Whatever the case, if it helped this guy run a marathon, I'm all for it.

ODEN FROHAWK UPDATE: Kelly Dwyer! over at Yahoo! also appreciates Oden's hair-art, and features an especially dashing photo.


Anonymous said...

I applaud your diddy pic sir. Von Wafer could turn out ok. I watched him in some pre-season, he is crazy athletic and can jump out of the gym. Good energy off the bench, curious to see how much burn he gets.


Basic Craps said...

Not logically

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Tempat Karaoke said...

Great job, you should be proud of yourself. Love ya

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