Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Have a Blog? Sounds Lucrative!

I started this blog for a combination of reasons, although I can't remember which of them were the biggest contributors. I had a passion for a game and a team. I had a soul-crushing job in a cubicle that I liked to escape from. I really wanted people to understand that Zach Randolph needed to be traded.

I still have the passion, but have since found a more palatable career. Zach Randolph's traveling comedy show was taken elsewhere. Now Deceptively Quick is something fun that I want to keep going, even as my free time continues to shrink. The concept of profit never entered my mind. This is about love, man.

As time went along, more people started kicking around the site. Believe it or not, Deceptively Quick has become a moderately popular for an obscure little sports blog. In a twist I never saw coming, this lead to some companies expressing interest in advertising on the site.

Maybe this is a sort of natural step in the life of a sports blog (totally independent and obscure--> independent with a solid readership and some advertising profit-->complete coporate takeover/sellout), but it has me pretty confused. The idea of getting paid for something you have happily been doing for free is an odd one. However, I do understand that money is nice. I'd like to be introduced to more of it.

I recently pursued an offer, driven more by curiosity than greed. I'm glad I did, because it was hilarious. After soul-searching and internal debate over putting up links to people who pay me, I got an offer to receive $150 for placing a small advertisement on the site. For six months. This is also known as $25 a month. Look out D.Miles!

The market has told me how much this blog is worth. Roughly the cost of a new DVD. Still certifiably obscure, it reminded me of a line from this skit:

Oh and by the way, I said no to the deal. We all have our price, and you'll have to pay at least $26 a month to grace this blog. At least.


Luke said...

Good call not to monetize this biatch. Once you pull the trigger on that you quickly have to face the fact that this is now the lowest paying per hour job/task you've ever undertaken.

Von Wafer?!?

Jack Brown said...

Wow thats a perspective I didn't consider. Depressing.

Anonymous said...

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