Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Darius Miles with Bobcats in spirit

It really has been too long since last post. Call it a combination of "important" deadlines to meet and of having to endure so much Blazers pointguard talk that my immune system finally shut down in defense. If there were a Blazers blog emperor (Dave?), I would formally request this deity to order a week long stoppage on all Blazers pointguard speculation. Just long enough for us all to get a little sanity back. Naturally, I would sign this request with seppuku.

In any event, this post is about remembering friend of the blog Darius Miles. We haven't heard much from the guy since Blazers put the waiver process in motion. I admit an odd curiosity with seeing what he ends up doing and where he ends up doing it. When I saw this post at Deadspin, I got to thinking maybe Big Pun is trying to make a good first impression with Mr. Jordan.

Note to Larry Brown: I'm just making a dumb donk-related joke, don't combust. Wait until the season actually starts to do that.