Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Draft Lottery: Creepin in the minivan

My lazy playoff enjoyment was interrupted today by the realization that the NBA Draft Lottery is nearly upon us. I remain a very loyal fan of this. I thank the League every year around this time for applying the law of large numbers probability to a small individual set of random drawings. Last season, obviously this worked out as Portland cashed in a 5.3% of getting the top pick. This time around the odds of that big uno have shrunk to 6/1,000, but the beauty of the system means our chances of seeing some sort of "unlikely" shit are pretty decent.

If your team isn't in the playoffs, this event really is the jumpstart to all bullshitting you will be doing in the coming months. Jackpot. Oh yes, summer is DeceptivelyQuick time. It is when better more popular places lose interest, so folks obsessed with wasting time at work have no choice but to come here and read 3,000 words on how Taurean Green rocked a summer league game. Some of the more hardcore of you might be happy to hear we've hired on former intern Spencer Sweetpotato full time (minus health insurance) in preparation for the busy season. Delicious.


gudmund said...

I kind of hope we DON'T get a top 3 pick again, just to see what KP does with the pick. There's no question he won't stay at #13. I want to see someone get pritch-slapped again.

Plus, nobody could say we just got lucky again. It's all about hard work and smarts with this front office, baby.

Jack Brown said...

Let the pritch-slapping commence.

pcsolotto said...

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