Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The biggest story in the world: Dan Dickau goes to Italy

Stop the Olympics! Dan Dickau has left the NBA!

Assist to True Hoop on finding the news that Dickau has signed with Italian team S.S. Felice Scandone, a prominent team in the top Italian league. The team announcement can be found here if you can read Italian. Below is a Babel Fish translation after an attempted polishing by yours truly:

The S.S. Felice Scandone reports to have signed American player Dan Dickau. Born on September 16, 1978, Dickau is 183 centimeters tall and plays in the role of playmaker (Word?!-Ed). He has played at the University of Washington before transferring to the University of Gonzaga where in his senior season he was named a first team All-American. In 2002-2003 Dickau had his first NBA contract with the Atlanta Hawks. In total he has six years in the NBA, the last contract the with the Los Angeles Clippers. Altogether, has has played 300 NBA games. This is the comment of coach Zare Markovski on the arrival of Dickau: “This will be his first experience in Europe after 6 years in NBA. He is a player with offensive talent, he will complete our starting five”. Visibly satisfied the president of the Scandone, Vincenzo Ercolino, asserts: “Our program attempts to choose a player who could make the difference and dictate the court, at the end our resolution was to sign Dan Dickau, a serious professional with experience NBA. Nothing to envy to the others playmaker joints this year in Italy”.

To me the best thing about Dickau was his random endorsement deals, for example laser eye surgery and poker chips. I was also one of the many that never thought he would hang around the NBA as long as he did. I think I am an asshole for making Dickau jokes, since everyone that has come into contact with him seems to espouse his virtues as a great human being. He is a local product, so I really should be cheering for him at least a little. Good luck Dan!