Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Taurean Green will wreak havoc in Spain

It came out a while back that DeceptivelyQuick All-Star Taurean Green signed with Spanish club CAI Zaragoza after being waived by the Knicks. Knowing how I feel about Green, I'm sad to see him leave the NBA. Of course, he wasn't likely to get burn anyways, so more power to him for selecting a route that will get him more money and playing time.

If given the right situation Green will murder Europe. Within a couple seasons, I can see the NBA finally taking a genuine interest in his services. Of course by then he may have quite a lucrative situation with a more colorful currency.

If you are a CAI Zaragoza fan and want to send in additional information on your team and provide Green updates to the DeceptivelyQuick faithful once the season starts, we'd love to hear from you.


Rodman said...

Hi, I´m from Zaragoza, Spain. In my blog El CAI a la ACB you can see video from first Taurean Green´s comments for his new team CAI Zaragoza.

First trainin game Taurean Green with CAI Zaragoza next Setember 5th vs. Real Madrid.

Sorry for my bad english.

Jack Brown said...

Escribí en su blog, favor de contacto me!

Anonymous said...

The Gator Nation is well aware of Taurean's skills and the ACB is so lucky to have him! You better pay him well b/c he's worth even more than that! T can manage a floor better than anyone to include AI. You are our boy, green! We love ya! Jen & the boys

kuso said...


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