Monday, August 11, 2008

Rudy Fernandez thinks Asians have funny eyes, will find Portland hilarious

Don't you love the people that go on and on about how folks in Europe are so much more advanced than us dumb hillbillies in the United States? Hearing that never gets old. By the way, check out this team photo of the Spanish National Team that ran in a mainstream Spanish newspaper (via Deadspin):

Because Asians have eyes like that! What a hilarious observation! I circled the man Portland has so readily embraced, soon to be Blazer Rudy Fernandez. Good thing Portland has a sizable Asian population, if Rudy ever is feeling down about his decision to come to the NBA he can just cruise around town and laugh hysterically at them funny peepers.

Sergio was pretty depressed after not making Team Spain, but at least it meant he was left out of this ridiculousness. Ah, the pinnacle of culture indeed.

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