Thursday, August 21, 2008

Petteri Koponen packs his sunscreen, heads to Italy

Bittersweet news that Petteri Koponen has signed a four year deal with elite Italian club Virtus Bologna. Although we at DeceptivelyQuick are sad Koponen won't be with the team this season (especially if they sign Luke Jackson to that last spot instead, dear God man!), there is reason to be happy. Apparently the contract is reasonably buy-outable (new word, exciting!) if Portland wants to bring him over before the four seasons are up. The Finnagler will also face some tough competition to be sure, which is really something he needs at this point.

But there are some concerns. Something else Koponen needs is experience. Odd then that he chose to sign with the club that just made NBA pointguard Earl Boykins the highest paid player in that league. Koponen reportedly had multiple teams chasing him, so why choose one where you are basically guaranteed to not be the primary pointguard?

I have a hunch they will use him as a back-up point and also play him at the shooting guard spot. These roles don't strike me as optimal for his continued development as a pointguard. Here is to hoping that everything works out, and that The Finnalger ends up in Portland in time for a title run.

UPDATE: Check out the Breaking News status given to Koponen from True Hoop! Finnagler-Fever continues to spread!