Wednesday, August 6, 2008 writers read your crappy blog, and will respond

I have never vouched for the quality of this blog. In fact, DeceptivelyQuick can typify every single criticism lobbed at blogs.

Anonymous? Everywhere but Finland.

Wreckless? Yep.

Poorly written? Duh.

Yet as bad as things smell around here, there was a time when it was worse. Way worse. I've given thought to deleting some of the older posts but ultimately never follow through. After all, they make the current DeceptivelyQuick look a little better by comparison. Plus I always figured nobody read those unintelligible posts. I knew I was sorta wrong when I received this email :

Jack -

My high school buddy sent me this link ( telling me that somebody in the blogosphere was calling me a leprachaun and laughing at me. At first I thought, "Hey, don't you spell it "leprechaun", with an 'e'?" before reading the rest of the post and seeing that you rip into all of Nice. But then you compliment the Gilbert Arenas blog, which I do the interviews for and edit.

I was going to get angry about it, but then I was like, "Two links in one post, I'll take that."

So, thanks. Good luck with DQ.

- Dave McMenamin

Getting your ass handed to you by a leprachaun is no fun. I did what anyone would do after being exposed as a moron, tried to apologize and make friends:

From: Jack Brown []
Sent: 07/27/2008 03:37 PM MST
To: Dave McMenamin
Subject: Re: Hey

Hey Dave,

I always hope that if someone notices a blog entry of mine that it is one of my better ones, clearly not the case here. That particular little abortion was actually one of my first posts. Back then Deceptively Quick was lazy and poorly written, even for a blog. It was me the passionate angry caveman fan punching my keyboard and throwing spell check to the wind. Today it is still lazy and poorly written (I've been calling Jerryd Bayless, "Jarryd" for crying out loud!), but slightly funnier, which I think is an improvement.

I apologize for mocking your work without even bothering to structure an actual argument. As for the "leprachaun" thing, yeah that was a little much. I don't even know how tall you are.



It did the trick. Me and Mr. McMenamin are now getting along famously. Look Dave, another link! Jack Brown: Bridge Builder.

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