Friday, August 22, 2008

Darius Miles to Boston?

I've gotten a tip that sports radio has made mention of Boston signing Darius Miles. I have yet to see that news break online, but the Celtics have been rumored to be high on Big Pun as recently as late July.

If true, wow. There are reasons why this could or could not work, as usual it will largely hang on where Miles is with his, um, "attitude development."

Keep an eye out.

UPDATE: Good old Blazers Edge community member, nice work. Here's some Miles signing verification:

“Darius has been in twice for workouts with us and has impressed us with his progress, health, and attitude;” said Danny Ainge, Celtics Executive Director of Basketball Operations/General Manager. “Darius will have the next couple of months to prove to myself and Coach Rivers that he can help us win.”

Darius goes on to say he feels his personality fits well with the Celtics. Frightening. But whatever, Miles was a pretty low risk move by the C's, and I surmise that the strong alpha dog presence of Garnett will keep him professional. This will be interesting.

As far as Blazer ramifications, I've read that this means Miles salary will go back on the Blazers. I've also read they could possibly get out it. This all makes my head hurt, so I'll wait until someone else figures it out.