Monday, August 10, 2009

The best shirt in the history of clothing: Yes, its Viktor Khryapa

Clearly, my recent enlightment (A Delonte West/Akeem Scott amalgamation that was too powerful for Blogger to save property and is currently being reconstructed) is steering the very best of the Universe towards my energy frequency. I have never felt spiritually connected to a t-shirt, but that all changed when I stumbled across this beauty:

In an act of cruelty, there is no easily identifiable means to purchase this perfect cloth from outside of Russian borders. Recent Ebay searches yield only one sad basketball card.

This is as a distress beacon to vibrate across the Interwebs: I must have this t-shirt. Nothing less than the balance of our Being is at stake. If you have a way to get this to me, please let me know. If needed I will have to take that Trans-Siberian Railroad trip. The will of the Universe is impossible to deny.

UPDATE: This post has been linked to by several Chicago Bulls sites. I am now officially impressed by this fanbase.


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kellex said...

Only 500 roubles! Sold.

Seth said...

Thats about $19, shipping across the planet not included. I must figure out how to get this.

Andrew Wamboldt said...

I'm going to Moscow next summer. If they're still selling them wherever the CSKA Moscow fanshop is, I will pick some up. (Actually, I could order them off the website and have them shipped to my Moscow address).

Seth said...

Andrew! Bless you sir. I will be harassing you soon.

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