Friday, August 21, 2009

Something like an announcement

Posting will be slow in the coming days. I've issued that statement before, but this time around something of an explanation is in order. I will be moving to the Midwest to pursue my dreams of living in a place as cold as Finland. This could make things better around here. Being outside of the bubble can help one see things more objectively. Or it could make things even worse. We'll see.

Speaking of announcements, H.T. let me know Michael Jordan will be visiting Finland soon (or here if you can read Koponen). MJ joins Pippen and Rodman as another member of the Bulls' dynasty to take in the Finnish hospitality. Will Purdue keeps leaving messages hinting that he'd like to visit The Island Fortress of Suomenlinna, but Finland is always busy washing her hair.


goonerluke said...

good luck in the mid-west. i just moved to sacramento 5 days ago. it's weird leaving portland. so it goes...

it looks like PK just lit up italy. probably his greatest ever national team performance.

Seth said...

Let me know how you like it in Sacramento. I agree, leaving Portland is weird.

And a Koponen update? How dare you scoop me and the national of Finland!

Seth said...

Ugh. How dare you scoop me and the NATION of Finland?!?

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