Monday, August 31, 2009

Yet Another Stinkin' Announcement

I promise to chill out on all the announcements for a while. After this one.

As of right now, I'm officially a contributor to the Blazers blog Bust a Bucket. DeceptivelyQuick is not being shut down. Actually, this development could result in things getting even DeceptivelyQuicklier around here. The more directly Blazer related stuff will be over at BaB. The rest will be over here, where we will be able to savor the flavor. Some things (like the Petteri Koponen Watch) will probably show up at both places.

Bust a Bucket has a lot of good things going for it, and is maybe the one other place that I can maybe-kind of-possibly fit-in. It should be interesting to see how long they will be able to tolerate me.


kellex said...

Just don't shut down the DC! Which is like the OC of Blazer blogs. I have no idea what that means...hah

Sheed said...

We are extremely tolerant. :)

Seth Johnston said...

Kellex you have confused me. Deceptively Quick must stay alive at least until the Blazers sign Akeem Scott.

Anonymous said...

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