Saturday, September 5, 2009

How bored are you? Are you willing to listen to unfounded Steve Blake speculation?

I-Robot can't be happy with Andre Miller's arrival. He busted his ass and was the perfect fit for this team last season, and this is his reward? Nate can say all the nice things he wants, but we all know who the starting point guard is.

Perhaps Blake can take some comfort in knowing that someone is still talking about him for what he can do as opposed to what he cannot. From the Sun Sentinal of Blake's home state of Florida:
The Heat has been interested before, and Blake (pictured at left) had been intrigued by those overtures.

With Andre Miller cast as the Blazers' prized offseason free-agent addition, and with Jerryd Bayless somewhat a Blazers' face of the future, Blake could wind up as the odd man out in Portland.

And that doesn't even get into Brandon Roy's ability to handle, or Rudy Fernandez's desire for greater minutes.

The issue is what a team as deep as the Blazers could possibly want from a roster as limited as the Heat's. They certainly wouldn't want another guard, such as Daequan Cook, would they?
But also keep in mind that the trade exception the Heat holds from last February's Jermaine O'Neal trade means Blake's $4 million expiring contract can be had while sending less in return to Portland, which therefore could create a trade exception of its own.

Debate, if you want, whether Blake would be the defensive stopper the Heat could use, or even the creative scorer it lacks at the position, but he would undoubtedly upgrade this backcourt while getting him back to his Hollywood (yes, the one in Broward County) roots.
I was kind of surprised that Blake's supposedly unavoidable future role reduction is widely acknowledged enough to register outside of Portland. And no, the Heat don't have anything Portland wants.

(Assist HoopsHype.)

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